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The Toggle Effect


Stress Management
A Brand New Approach That Works!

Tog•gle( tä’ge l) switch from one effect, feature, or state to another

Cognitive Polar Transformation

Hello, Welcome to the Toggle It website.

My name is Laurie Heusinger. I am a Natural Therapeutic Specialist educated in Albuquerque New Mexico. Over the last two decades I have studied body work, oriental medicine, homeopathy, Bach Flower therapy, core sync, acupressure and other various energetic healing techniques. What you are being introduced to here is the culmination of 25 years of study and research on the mind body connection.
The Toggle Technique is a mental focus approach that utilizes a little known and vastly misunderstood ability we all possess to change emotions from a negative state to a positive state. Scientifically we can say we are tapping into the ability to change the frequency of emotional energy from low frequency to high frequency, using our minds. This ability to shift despair, rage, and fear into a more peaceful and inspired state is profound.

In reality, all of us have, at one time or another, inadvertently tapped into this ability, although most of the time we are never fully clear on what or how our feelings changed, we just know we don’t have that “problem” anymore. Toggling is an understanding of that moment of change and the understanding of how to produce it at will. For most of us, negative emotional stress affects us daily, in our ability to perform, in our health, in our relationships. Having the ability to release the negative emotions and simultaneously restore a peaceful and inspired mental state is the gift this course bestows. Like all things, this technique must be learned one step at a time. That is what this program provides.
  • First, you will be guided in the understanding and application of shifting emotional frequencies. You will have an new understanding of stress and of stress reversal.Next, you will learn how your mind functions in relation to stress and how your body is directly affected by stressful emotions. Once you see how the emotions and the mind and body work together, you will learn how to pinpoint and change the exact emotional stress to achieve the results you want.
  • Finally, you will learn how to better manage your life situations, your relationships and your goals using this new knowledge and skill set.
For some of you who live in constant fear or have anxiety attacks, the idea of engaging and transforming these strong feelings is a scary prospect.That’s where I come in. I will teach you, as I have hundreds before, the amazing benefits of facing and shifting your fear and anxiety into the peaceful mental states. The same is true of despair, rage, worry, shame and guilt. These can be the most difficult experiences and learning to master them is courageous and very freeing. Learning and using this technique will yield a stronger mind, a healthier body, a happier spirit and a better life experience. So let’s get started. The course is taught live, online and will soon be available on DVD. Please view the rest of this website for more information.

One of our many Book Shows

“I have to say that this interview totally surprised me. I had no idea that this tiny little book could be so deep. It comes up slow and power hits across the board. If you are feeling stuck or ready to shift gears, this is will be worth your time…There’s power in knowing how to master the mind and emotions without resistance.  Danielle Lin .. founder and host of the nationally syndicated talk radio program "Danielle Lin... The Art of Living and Science of Life ."

About the Founder

Laurie Heusinger is a Natural Therapeutic Specialist. She owned and operated Alpha Omega Therapeutics in Albuquerque, New Mexico from 1996 to 2013. A graduate from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, her seventeen years of experience in the alternative health field led to her discovery and development of the Toggle Technique. Laurie publicly lectures, teaches, and continues to conduct research on the many mental and physical health advantages that result from Toggling.

A Professional's Review

"We live with stress every day.  It divides itself into two categories, physical and psychological, both of which can be viewed as negative energy.  What if there was a way to switch this harmful, life-sapping negative energy into a positive, life-affirming force?  In her new book, TOGGLE IT, Laurie Heusinger has not only addressed this worldwide concern, but discovered a simple, yet highly effective way of using our own, personal energy to create a higher quality of life that enriches and enhances emotional and physical well-being. Besides lowering stress, the technique of "toggling," can significantly reduce emotional issues and alleviate chronic physical pain.  Having read TOGGLE IT several times, I believe that Ms. Heusinger has tapped into something very special and beneficial.  Through this method of "toggling," every person can raise the bar on their own quality of life.  I enthusiastically recommend this book to everyone". 

Peter Fisk, Ph.D.
California Psychologist
New Mexico Marriage and Family Therapist.