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The Toggle Effect






Losing your GRIP? Losing Sleep? Losing Ground?

Join hundreds of people who have learned how to put the Toggle to work and make your life a whole lot better.

Welcome to The Toggle Effect; The Last Stress Management Program You Will Ever Need! Guaranteed!!


EVERYTHING is ENERGY, even your emotions and like all energy, Negative Emotions Can Be Converted. When you figure this out for yourself, it will lead you down an amazing path of self-discovery and your world will change for the better, One Toggle At a Time!

Now, let the changes begin…..Emotional conversion is easy when you take these simple steps.

First, Learn the Technique – watch our 4 short free video tutorials below and listen to the Audio instructions.

Next Join one of our free webinars and I will help guide you through the process. Then practice it a little every day.

Next, Master the Mechanics – Knowing exactly what brain power you want to improve and knowing exactly how to active it is the Mastery. Put “Emotional Mechanics” to work for you!

Then, step it up with our Goals application. Weather you have personal goals or company goals, utilizing Emotional and Mental Strengthening approach of our Toggle Technique and the Goals Application will make the path to success much easier.

Repair your relationships- All relationships are Emotional at their core. Overcome fear, anxiety, rage, criticism and worry while you pave the way to healthier relationships at home and at work.

Students: Improve your comprehension testing scores

Advance to Health and Wellness workshops


Personal Applications

Life is always demanding More

More work

More Time

More Knowledge

And every demand increases your Stress Load. Stress, by its nature blocks you from performing your best which makes you work even harder.

REVERSE this madness TODAY.



Improve your study skills

Improve your Comprehension

Master Test Taking


Business Sales Teams

Does your sales team understand the CRITICAL MOMENT in a Sales presentation? That moment when it all comes together and the stakes are high.  We will teach your sales staff how to Master the Stress of the CRITICAL MOMENT. Increase sales and Morale in one short workshop. More…